The Research Team

Professor Rebecca Lawton

Professor in Psychology of Healthcare and Director YQSR and NIHR YH PSRC

Professor Jane O'Hara

Professor of Healthcare Quality and Safety

Dr Laura Sheard

Principal Research Fellow

Dr Angela Grange

Assistant Chief Nurse Quality & Safety Research

Dr Beth Fylan

Senior Lecturer in Patient Safety and Assistant Director, NIHR YH PSRC

Dr Jenni Murray

Programme Manager, PACT and NIHR YH PSRC

Dr Gemma Louch

Research Programme Manager, NIHR YH PSRC

Ed Breckin

Research Fellow, PACT

Emily Parker

Research Fellow, Y&H ARC Improvement Science

Dr Jonathan Benn

Associate Professor in Healthcare Quality and Safety and Theme Lead (Y&H PSRC)

Dr Jayne Marran

Patient Safety Research Nurse

Dr Ugochi Nwulu

Senior Research Fellow, YH PSRC

Dr Hannah Hartley

Senior Research Fellow, Y&H PSRC

Dr Lauren Ramsey

Senior Research Fellow, Y&H PSRC

Dr Andria Hanbury

Programme Manager (Improvement Science theme of the Yorkshire and Humber ARC)

Olivia Joseph

PPIE Research Fellow, YQSR

Sam Francis

Research Dietitian, NG-SURE

Dr Daisy Halligan

Research Fellow, Y&H PSRC

Lubena Mirza

Research Fellow, YQSR

Sally Moore

Patient Safety Research Nurse

Dr Raabia Sattar

Senior Research Fellow, NIHR YH PSRC

Jacqui Elliott

Patient Safety Research Nurse

Jane Schofield

Patient Safety Research AHP

Dr Luke Budworth

Senior Research Data Analyst, Y&H PSRC

Dr Giorgia Previdoli

Research Fellow

Lucy Chapman

YQSR Support Officer

Sobia Bibi

YQSR Centre Administrator

Carolyn Clover

Project Support Officer to Prof John Wright and YQSR Administrator

Bethany Holden

Research Implementation Assistant

Isabelle Baker

Research Implementation Assistant

PhD Students

William Lea

PhD Student

Qandeel Shah

PhD Student

Debbie Clark

Phd Student

Hannah Sharp

PhD Student

Caitlin Wilson

PhD Student

Darci Tillbrook

PhD Student

Olivia Joseph

PhD Student

Dan Ford

PhD Student

Megan Smith

PhD Student

Jessica Rich

PhD Student

Bethany Griffin

PhD Student