Joshua Granger

Research Fellow




I recently joined YQSR in 2023 as a Research Fellow working within the Rethinking Safety Intelligence for Improvement theme. 

My background is in Psychology, having obtained a BSc (Hons) in Psychology and Crime and an MSc in Psychology from the University of Bradford (2013 and 2014). I am currently undertaking a PhD in Psychology entitled, ‘A dialogic perspective on how organisations ostensibly listen through Twitter interactions’, also at the University of Bradford. This is done using a Bakhtinian dialogic approach analysing Tweets between the accounts of organisations and their customers/users.

I have previously worked with YQSR through the University of Leeds on a project evaluating the implementation and impact of a digital command centre at Bradford Royal Infirmary. 

Research Interests

I have a broad range of interests but gravitate to qualitative methodologies. Within health services research I have an interest in the use of safety intelligence, specifically forms of soft intelligence and how they can be best used to improve patient experience and safety. I have a particular interest in research with applied or impactful real-world outcomes. I also have interests in social psychology, in particular behaviour in interactions between individuals and groups and particularly enjoy using novel theoretical frameworks to explore all these areas. 

Recent publications

Hartley, H., & Bolton, V, E. (2018). Navigating the NHS and HRA ethics and governance process: A worked example. Social Research Practice. 6(1) 27-29