Professor Rebecca Lawton

Professor, Psychology of Healthcare, University of Leeds/Director, Yorkshire Quality and Safety Research Group and NIHR Yorkshire and Humber Patient Safety Research Collaboration

Tel: 0113 3435715 / 01274 383465
X: @LawtonRebecca

Rebecca Lawton is Professor in Psychology of Healthcare at the University of Leeds. Since 2009 Rebecca has held a joint post at Bradford Institute for Health Research, Bradford Teaching NHS Hospitals Foundation Trust where she leads the YQSR Group. Rebecca is Director of the NIHR Yorkshire and Humber Patient Safety Research Collaboration funded by the NIHR.

Rebecca graduated from University of Nottingham with a BA in Psychology in 1991. In 1994 Rebecca was awarded a PhD from the University of Manchester, the culmination of an ESRC (Case) studentship working with Professor James Reason and investigating the role of procedural violations in railway accidents. Rebecca stayed at Manchester, working as a Research Fellow on two research projects; the first, a Department for Transport funded project investigating the psychological predictors of speeding while driving and the second, an ESRC funded project, investigating the attitudes and behaviour of healthcare professionals to the increasing regulation of their work. In 1999 Rebecca took up a post at the University of Leeds as a lecturer and was later promoted to Senior Lecturer in Health Psychology, before her promotion to Professor in 2012. Rebecca has attracted research funding from the NIHR, ESRC, MRC, The Health Foundation, British Academy and Bupa Foundation and has published over 180 peer reviewed articles.

Research interests
Rebecca’s broad research interest is the application of psychological theory to improving health and healthcare services. More specifically, Rebecca carries out research on human factors and patient safety, patient involvement in patient safety, the implementation of safety innovations and wellbeing of the healthcare workforce. She also delivers more traditional health psychology research investigating determinants of health risk behaviours and the evaluation of interventions to improve lifestyle behaviours.

Recent Funding Awarded

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Recent Publications

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