Ed Breckin


Dr Ed Breckin is a Research Fellow working within the ‘Supporting Safe Care in the Home’ theme of the Yorkshire and Humber Patient Safety Research Collaboration (YH PSRC). Ed has worked with the Yorkshire Quality and Safety Research (YQSR) group since 2022, when he joined to work on the Partners at Care Transitions (PACT) study on work package six. He has worked for the NHS for over 10 years and has experience working in clinical trials in oncology at Leeds Teaching Hospitals Trust and service evaluation in mental health at Leeds and York Partnership Foundation Trust.

Ed completed his PhD in 2022 with the University of Bradford’s Peace department, supervised by Professor Behrooz Morvaridi. His PhD used qualitative data collection to explore the relationship between poverty reduction programmes and organised crime in Mexico.

Research interests

Ed has a number of research interests that centre on the quality and safety of patients and is currently focusing these interests on safety within the home. He is interested in safety inequities and also exploring the application of equity, diversity and inclusion to research processes. He retains an interest in his criminological academic background, specifically the safety of researchers when conducting research.