Emma Eyers

Research Fellow (Improvement Science theme of the Yorkshire and Humber ARC)

Email: Emma.Eyers@bthft.nhs.uk
X: @EmmaJaneEyers


Emma is a Research Fellow in the Improvement Science Theme at the Yorkshire and Humber ARC. She holds a BSc (Hons) in Health and Social Care from the University of Bradford, along with a Master of Public Health postgraduate degree. Currently on the verge of completing her PhD at the University of Bradford, supervised by Prof. Rebecca Randell and Dr. Melanie Cooper, Emma’s doctoral research uses ethnographic methods to explore the role of digital midwives as healthcare leaders and their influence and impact on the implementation of electronic patient record systems within UK maternity services.

Research Interests

Embarking on her research journey later in life and having worked in the care industry herself, Emma’s motivation stems from a passion for enhancing the working conditions of all NHS staff, and social care staff alike. As a qualitative researcher, she is particularly drawn to using qualitative methods to document, showcase, and evaluate the experiences of healthcare and social care workers by embracing their knowledge as experts in their field. With this, Emma aims to support the design of systemic improvements that foster increased job satisfaction, enhanced staff well-being, and ultimately, better and safer patient outcomes.

Recent publications

Sutton, C., Prowse, J., McVey, L., Elshehaly, M., Neagu, D., Montague, J., Alvarado, N., Tissiman, C., O’Connell, K., Eyers, E. and Faisal, M. 2023. Strategic workforce planning in health and social care–an international perspective: A scoping review. Health Policy, p.104827.   https://doi.org/10.1016/j.healthpol.2023.104827

Eyers E (2021). Exploring the role of the digital midwife as leaders in the implementation and adoption of an electronic health record: protocol for a scoping review of evidence. Evidence Based Midwifery. Post-print online November 2021.