Daisy Halligan

Research Fellow

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Dr Daisy Halligan is a research fellow within the ‘de-cluttering safely for safety’ theme of the Yorkshire and Humber Patient Safety Research Collaboration (YHPSRC). Daisy has a background in health psychology and has experience of carrying out applied health services research in acute healthcare settings, mental healthcare settings and care homes.

Daisy completed her PhD (funded by THIS Institute) at the University of Leeds in 2023 which focused on identifying, understanding, and stopping low-value safety practices, supervised by Professor Rebecca Lawton, Professor Gillian Janes and Professor Mark Conner. Daisy applied behaviour change theory to develop an intervention, co-designed with NHS staff and patients, that aimed to de-implement a form of double-checking medicines.

Daisy has worked as a research fellow on the ‘Learn Together’ programme, aiming to more meaningfully involve patients and families following patient safety incidents in healthcare and is now based in the de-cluttering theme.

Research interests

Daisy is interested in the application of psychological theory to develop behaviour change interventions, designed to improve the quality and safety of care in the NHS. More specifically, Daisy is also interested in exploring the differences between implementation and de-implementation and understanding how to prevent safety practices becoming low value.