Dr Luke Budworth

Research Fellow

Email: Luke.Budworth@bthft.nhs.uk
Twitter: @lukeWbudworth


Luke is a Research Fellow for the Improvement Science theme of the NIHR Applied Research Collaboration (ARC Yorkshire & Humber) programme. His current main project is leading a multi-site retrospective cohort study investigating whether emergency doctors’ tolerance of clinical uncertainty is associated with healthcare resource use and patient health outcomes. He is also co-investigator on several other projects within the ARC and beyond, including having the role of project statistician for both the YQSR NG-Sure and RE-BOOT projects.

Luke has a BSc in psychology (2014; University of Liverpool), MSc in health psychology (2015; University of Leeds), and a PhD (2018; University of Leeds) focusing on the impact of pre-surgical substance use on health outcomes after elective surgery. Furthering his interest in data analysis, in 2021 Luke also completed a MSc in health data analytics (University College London) studying advanced statistics and machine learning methods.

 Research interests

Behavioural medicine; Data analysis; Patient safety; Learning health systems.

Recent Publications


Janes, G., Mills, T., Budworth, L., Johnson, J., & Lawton, R. (2021). The association between healthcare staff engagement and patient safety outcomes: A systematic reviewand meta-analysis. Journal of Patient Safety. doi: 10.1097/PTS.0000000000000807.

Johnson, J., Simms-Ellis, R., Janes, G., Mills, T., Budworth, L., Atkinson, L. & Harrison, R. (2020). Can we prepare healthcare professionals for involvement in adverse events?Feasibility study of a resilience training intervention. BMC Health Services Research. doi:10.1186/s12913-020-05948-2.

Budworth, L., Prestwich, A., Sykes-Muskett, B., Khatun, K., Ireland, J., Clancy, F., & Conner, M. (2019). A feasibility study to assess the individual and combined effects offinancial incentives and monetary contingency contracts on physical activity. Psychology of Sport & Exercise. doi: 10.1016/j.psychsport.2019.04.021.

Budworth, L. (2019). Electronic cigarettes: Sensory cues in nicotine dependence. PsyPAG  Quarterly. Link: osf.io/s2qta.

Budworth, L., Prestwich, A., Lawton, R., Kotzé, A., & Kellar, I. (2019). Preoperative interventions for alcohol and other recreational substance use: A systematic review andmeta-analysis. Frontiers in Psychology. doi: 10.3389/fpsyg.2019.00034. Taylor, J., & Budworth, L. (2018). Food safety culture: Patterns and trends from aquantitative analysis of a culture assessment program. Worldwide Hospitality and Tourism  Themes. doi: 10.1108/WHATT-02-2018-0007.

Prestwich, A., Moore, S., Kotzé, A., Budworth, L., Lawton, R., & Kellar, I. (2017). How can smoking cessation be induced before surgery? A systematic review and meta-analysis ofbehaviour change techniques and other intervention characteristics. Frontiers in Psychology. doi: 10.3389/fpsyg.2017.00915.

Other Publications

Lawton, R., Budworth, L., Fylan, B., & Sheard, L. (2019, August 13). Beyond the outcomes: The benefits of the ‘process’ of doing applied health research [Blog post]. Available from here

Conference contributions

Khan, S., Wang, K., Budworth, L., Willis, T., Carder, P., Johnson, S., & Alderson, S. The effects of a feedback intervention to reduce potentially harmful gabapentinoid painkiller prescribing in general practice: a controlled time series analysis. (2021, June/July). Presented at the Society for Academic Primary Care 49th annual scientific meeting, online.

Budworth, L. (2019, October). Understanding and enhancing how hospital staff learn from and act on patient experience feedback: Developing, evaluating and disseminating the Yorkshire Patient Experience Toolkit (PET). Presented at the Wolfson Centre for Applied Health Research Open Event, Bradford, UK.

Budworth, L., Prestwich, A., Lawton, R., Kotzé, A., & Kellar, I. (2019, October). Association between hazardous preoperative alcohol and postoperative affect: A secondary data analysis. Presented at the Patient Safety: New Horizons, New Perspectives conference, Bradford, UK.

Budworth, L., Clark, D., Moore, S., Reynolds, C., Lawton, R., Prestwich, A., Bank, S., Kellar, I., & Kotzé, A (2019, October). Preoperative Substance Use Prevalence & Detection in Two UK City-based Preoperative Assessment Clinics: A Cross-sectional & Prospective Analysis. Presented at the Patient Safety: New Horizons, New Perspectives conference, Bradford, UK.

Budworth, L., Prestwich, A., Sykes-Muskett, B., Khatun, K., Ireland, J., Clancy, F., & Conner, M. (2019, September). A pilot factorial randomised controlled trial of financial incentives and monetary contingency contracts on walking. Presented at the European Health Psychology Society conference, Dubrovnik, Croatia.

Bank, S., McEachan, R., Marsden, G., Budworth, L., & Kellar, I. (2018, August). Interventions for promoting policy adoption or change: A systematic review. Presented at the European Health Psychology Society conference, Galway, Ireland.

Budworth, L., Clark, D., & Kotze, A. (2017, November). Prevalence and detection of hazardous preoperative alcohol use in Leeds. Presented at the Preoperative Association conference, York, UK.

Kellar, I., Budworth, L., Fadli, F., Nash, H., & Weighall, A. (2017, October). The efficacy of non-pharmacologic interventions for improving, and reducing disturbances of sleep, for patients with non-remissive cancer: A systematic review of randomised studies. Presented at the British Sleep Society: Brighton Sleep 2017 conference, Brighton, UK.

Invited Presentations

Budworth, L. (2021, February). Lifestyle risk: Case studies in health psychology. Invited lecture at the University of Skövde [Högskolan i Skövde] for the Sustainable Lifestyle:Assessment, Social Problems, and Behaviour Change year 2 social psychology BA module.

Budworth, L. (2017, January). Preoperative substance use: Informing, developing & trialling a novel intervention. Presented at the British Psychology Society: How canpsychology make healthcare safer? seminar, Oxford, UK.


Lea, W., Johnson, J., Simms-Ellis, R., Lawton, R., Howard, N., Budworth, L. & Harrison, R. (2021-2024). REBOOT: A Pilot Evaluation of a Supportive Intervention in Medical Students. BMA Scholarship Grant (£62938).

Grange, A., Simms-Ellis, R., Johnson, J., Lawton, R., Marran, J., Budworth, L., & Harrison, R. (2021-2022). On-line adaption and evaluation of the ‘RE-BOOT’ (REcovery-BOOsting Training) intervention, to prepare critical care nurses for, and aid recovery after, stressful clinical events. The Burdett Trust for Nursing (£82699/3% FTE).