Anna Taylor

PhD Student

PhD start date: March 2024

PhD project title: Rationalising clinical decision support systems

PhD supervisors: Professor Robbie Foy, Dr Suzanne Richards and Dr Anna Anderson


An experienced clinical pharmacist within NHS hospital settings, with special interests in Cystic Fibrosis, Respiratory Medicine and Oncology.

Having interacted directly with clinical decision support systems as an end-user and as a patient safety specialist Anna started her PhD after being a Medicines Safety Officer for a specialist cancer centre. She has a keen interest in optimising CDSS use and efficacy to improve safe and quality healthcare systems.

PhD overview

This study aims to develop a practical, generalisable framework defining the desirable key features of clinical decision support systems and the contexts (settings, targeted safety behaviours) for which they are most likely to be effective or not. This will be completed through a PhD project. The majority of this work will be achieved through a comprehensive theory guided systematic review of qualitive studies evaluating CDSSs. We have developed advisory groups with academic expert and industry stakeholders to provide advice and guidance throughout the project. We will also incorporate PPIE perspectives and possibly supplement it with some qualitative work.

Research interests

Patient Safety and Medicines Safety, Digital healthcare