The Yorkshire Quality and Safety Research Group fund and facilitate a generic patient panel to inform new research ideas across the research group, as well as providing support for researchers within current projects.

These patients and members of the public have volunteered to act as research advisors to the research team.  This panel helps to provide feedback from the public and patient perspective, on the design and the way we carry of our research. This is an extremely valuable element in the development of our research, and applying (or translating) our research findings into everyday clinical practice to improve patient care.

The Improvement Academy for Yorkshire and the Humber has close links with the Yorkshire Quality and Safety Research Group so that the innovations it supports are informed by the latest research evidence.  This panel now also supports Quality Improvement staff who work for the Academy.

Follow this link for more information:  http://improvementacademy.org/

The Key Aims :

  • To help develop research questions that are relevant and meaningful to patients and the NHS
  • To act as a resource for outside researchers that are affiliated to or working collaboratively with the YQSR group
  • To advise on research design, for example; exploring the best methods to access and engage patients and the public within patient safety research, signposting to specific patient/public groups and individuals who could be involved in research projects
  • To get involved with specific research projects where the opportunity arises, for example; collecting data or co-writing study information for a lay audience
  • To help identify ways to disseminate research findings with patients and the public as well as the NHS and wider health and social care sector

The terms of reference for our panel sets out the aims of the group and gives details about the membership, meetings and how we reimburse our panel members for their time. Click here for Terms of Reference.

We have also produced a number of guidance documents for our research and improvement staff to help them involve patients in all their projects. The documents include:

  • A step-by-step PPI planning template for improvement specialists & researchers’
  • ‘Working with the Quality and Safety Patient Panel’
  • ‘Budgeting and Reimbursement. Procedures and policy for research staff in YQSR’

These are available on the Websites and Information tab of Patient and Public Involvement, or by clicking here.