Crissi Arrowsuch

Lay Leader


Crissi Arrowsuch was born in Bradford and subsequently moved to Leeds where she has two grown-up sons and recently became a grandmother. Crissi started her career as a nanny at age 17 which inspired her long career in the care sector.  Following her psychiatric nurse training at Lynfield Mount Hospital, Crissi carried out this role for over 40 years working in a range of sectors in the secondary healthcare setting.  Crissi has volunteered for many organisations over the years which she has found to be very rewarding. She has also been involved in many pilot schemes which have then been rolled out in the social care sector.

Crissi is now a business owner, working in the residential care industry.

Outside of her busy working life, Crissi has many hobbies and interests; spending time with family and friends, knitting, crochet, baking music and an active participant with her local choir.