How do healthcare staff respond to and use online patient feedback to inform improvements to the quality and safety of care in a hospital setting?  – Dr Lauren Ramsey (2020)
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Evaluating video-reflexive ethnography as a tool for improving teamwork and communication in acute maternity handover – Dr Siobhan McHugh (2020)
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Preoperative Alcohol and Other Substance Use: Risk Analysis and Intervention Development Research – Dr Luke Budworth (2019)
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Patients at the centre of design to improve the quality of care; exploring the experience-based co-design approach within the NHS – Dr Liz Tomlin (2018)
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Is there a role for patients and their relatives in monitoring, detecting and escalating clinical deterioration in hospital? – Dr Abigail Albutt (2018)
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Exploring the Associations between General Practitioners’ Levels of Wellbeing, Burnout, and Patient Safety – Dr Louise Hall (2018)
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Learning from positive deviants to improve the quality and safety of healthcare – Dr Ruth Baxter (2016)
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Using socio-technical thinking to explore the implementation of Electronic Patient Records into NHS secondary care organisations – Dr Arabella Clarke (2015)
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Intergroup communication and strategies to improve intergroup contact: The specific case of nurses and doctors – Dr Marta Santillo (2015)
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An examination of the medicines reconciliation process and the involvement of patients and healthcare professionals across a regional healthcare economy, within the United Kingdom – Dr Rachel Urban (2014)
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Opening the ‘black box’ of patient safety: the impact of the nursing work environment, job and individual characteristics – Dr Gemma Louch (2014)
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Preventing falls in older adults: Understanding postural instability to improve fall assessment and prevention – Dr Anna Rossiter (2014)

Affective and cognitive influences on decision making in healthcare – Dr Jane Heyhoe (2013)
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The quality and safety of healthcare provided to hospital inpatients who are placed on clinically inappropriate wardsDr Lucy Goulding (2011)
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Coping with medical error: the case of the health professional – Dr Reema Sirriyeh (2011)
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