Reflection-in-Action: R-I-A Themes and Questions

R-I-A Theme 1: Patient and Public Involvement (based on assumption 2)
A PPI rep for the project has joined each of the ward teams and has attended at least one meeting with ward staff. The project assumes patient reps are an important part of the development of a patient experience toolkit because they have a different perspective to that of researchers and healthcare professionals:

  1. What are your experiences of contributing to work of the ward teams either behind the scenes or in other ways?
  2. What are your thoughts on further developing these roles?

R-I-A Theme 2: Collecting current patient feedback – approaching staff & patients (based on assumption 3)
Some ward teams have asked their PPI representative to have informal conversations with current patients on wards. Talking to unwell patients on busy wards requires sensitivity to the situations of patients, their visitors and staff as well as hospital procedures.  There may be time pressures arising from the need for the staff to see the patient or because patients have relatives visiting:

  1. How have you found the process?
  2. What suggestions would you make to someone new to this process to help them develop their approach?

R-I-A Theme 3: Collecting current patient feedback – questions used and methods for note-taking (based on assumption 3)
The main method used to collect feedback was to encourage a conversation with patients using open ended questions.  Some people might not understand the question or might chose to answer it in a way that might not seem directly relevant or they may choose to tell you a story about their whole situation or just comment on very specific aspects of care.  It can be difficult to decide how to ask the question or what to write down about the answer:

  1. How did you use the questions?
  2. How did you take notes?
  3. What suggestions would you make to someone new to this process to help them develop their approach?

R-I-A Theme 4: Collecting current patient feedback – understanding when it’s required (based on assumption 3)
The toolkit currently recommends the collation of all available types of feedback.  Some ward teams have wanted PPI reps to collect current feedback from patients at the start of their improvement projects, whilst others are considering this role later.  It is not always clear when such feedback will be most useful.

  1. How have you been involved in any such decision to date? (If you have been asked to collect feedback, do you know why staff thought this important?)
  2. If applicable, how have staff received any feedback that you have collected and can you explain any role you have had in presenting it to them?
  3. What comments can you make regarding the value of collecting current patient feedback for patient experience improvement projects and when it is important to do so?