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2017 Publication Title Authors Journal Info
1. Exploration of likely engagement with Monetary Contingency Contracts for weight loss: a questionnaire study. Sykes-Muskett BJ, Prestwich A, Lawton RJ, Meads DM, Armitage CJ. Psychology, health & medicine
2. The Patient Feedback Response Framework–Understanding why UK hospital staff find it difficult to make improvements based on patient feedback: A qualitative study. Sheard L, Marsh C, O’Hara J, Armitage G, Wright J, Lawton R. A qualitative study. Social Science & Medicine.
3. Exploring how ward staff engage with the implementation of a patient safety intervention: a UK-based qualitative process evaluation. Sheard L, Marsh C, O’Hara J, Armitage G, Wright J, Lawton R. BMJ open. 2017;7(7):e014558.
4. Exploring the implementation of an electronic record into a maternity unit: a qualitative study using Normalisation Process Theory. Scantlebury A, Sheard L, Watt I, Cairns P, Wright J, Adamson J. BMC Med Inform Decis Mak. 2017 Jan 07;17(1):4.
5. How Can Smoking Cessation Be Induced Before Surgery? A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis of Behavior Change Techniques and Other Intervention Characteristics. Prestwich A, Moore S, Kotze A, Budworth L, Lawton R, Kellar I. Frontiers in Psychology. 2017;8.
6. Interactive Effects of Trait Self-Control and Stress Appraisals on Blood Pressure Responses to a Laboratory Stressor. O’Connor DB, Wilson AE, Lawton R. International Journal of Behavioral Medicine. 2017:1-11.
7. Can patient involvement improve patient safety? A cluster randomised control trial of the Patient Reporting and Action for a Safe Environment (PRASE) intervention. Lawton R, O’Hara JK, Sheard L, Armitage G, Cocks K, Buckley H, et al. BMJ quality & safety. 2017 Feb 03.
8. Burnout mediates the association between depression and patient safety perceptions: a cross-sectional study in hospital nurses. Johnson J, Louch G, Dunning A, Johnson O, Grange A, Reynolds C, et al. J Adv Nurs. 2017 Jan 10.
9. Developing a patient‐led electronic feedback system for quality and safety within Renal Patient View. Giles SJ, Reynolds C, Heyhoe J, Armitage G. Journal of renal care. 2017;43(1):37-49.
10. A guide to using the Theoretical Domains Framework of behaviour change to investigate implementation problems. Atkins L, Francis J, Islam R, O’Connor D, Patey A, Ivers N, et al. Implementation Science. 2017;12(1):77.
11. Opioid prescribing for patients with cancer in the last year of life: a longitudinal population cohort study. Ziegler L, Mulvey M, Blenkinsopp A, Petty D, Bennett MI. Pain. 2016 Nov;157(11):2445-51.
12. Improving patient safety through the involvement of patients: development and evaluation of novel interventions to engage patients in preventing patient safety incidents and protecting them against unintended harm.  Wright J, Lawton R, O’Hara J, Armitage G, Sheard L, Marsh C, et al. NIHR Journals Library.
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14. Conscientiousness and fruit and vegetable consumption: exploring behavioural intention as a mediator. Wilson AE, O’Connor DB, Lawton R, Hill PL, Roberts BW. Psychology, health & medicine. 2016
15. Action to Support Practices Implement Research Evidence (ASPIRE): protocol for a cluster-randomised evaluation of adaptable implementation packages targeting ‘high impact’ clinical practice recommendations in general practice. Willis TA, Hartley S, Glidewell L, Farrin AJ, Lawton R, McEachan RR, et al. Implement Sci. 2016;11:25.
16. The learning curve to achieve satisfactory completion rates in upper GI endoscopy: an analysis of a national training database. Ward ST, Hancox A, Mohammed MA, Ismail T, Griffiths EA, Valori R, et al. Gut. 2016 Mar 14.


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19. Barriers to effective management of type 2 diabetes in primary care: qualitative systematic review. Rushforth B, McCrorie C, Glidewell L, Midgley E, Foy R.  

Br J Gen Pract. 2016 Feb;66(643):e114-27.


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