Taylor, Natalie

Natalie Taylor


Natalie Taylor is a Senior Research Fellow working in health systems research and studying improving healthcare, with a PhD in health psychology. She is the Stream Lead for Health and Health Behaviour Change Research at the Australian Institute for Health Innovation, Macquarie University, and a Visiting Fellow at the University of Leeds and Bradford Institute for Health Research. Natalie has particular expertise in health and organisational behaviour change, patient safety, and measurement. Her program of research focuses on using behavior change theory and implementation science to enhance health behaviours and improve healthcare quality and safety. She currently leads and/or contributes to projects to improve quality and patient outcomes and evidence based care in acute medicine, diagnostic referrals for cancer patients in clinical practice, public health disease prevention, and spreading best practice and developing innovations to improve patient safety. Natalie leads and contributes to the development and delivery of behaviour change workshops and toolkits for healthcare professionals to facilitate the transfer of her own and wider research evidence into practice.

Research interests

Natalie’s research interests are in the areas of health psychology and behaviour change

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