Dewhurst, Lesley

Lesley Dewhurst

Lesley worked in clinical practice as a Registered Nurse before graduating with a BSc (Hons) in Psychology with Health Studies, followed by a Master’s Degree in Health Research from Lancaster University during which time she worked as a lecturer in health psychology at Salford University in the School of Health Sciences. Completing a research project at the University of Linkoping in Sweden into the effectiveness of problem based curriculum for supporting inter-professional education she adapted and implemented curriculum change into undergraduate programmes for healthcare professions. Continuing this work she took a position at Bradford University where she completed her PhD in Social Sciences in the School of Health where she explored the experience of living with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder to identify a framework for collaborative management across professional disciplines. Her research into the quality of professional education for achieving collaborative working led to a senior lectureship position at Hull University where she was worked in partnership with academic and NHS colleagues to set the strategic direction for inter-professionalism. She has attracted funding from Marie Curie 7th FWP, NHS SHA, European Commission, ENB, and HEFCE.

Lesley joined the Institute for Health Research in Bradford as a Senior Research Fellow NIHR CLAHRC YH as is a member of the Quality and Safety Team. Lesley is currently working on the following collaborative projects; positive deviance, the patient’s experience of quality and safety in health care, and evidence based transformation with the NHS.

Research interests

  • Healthcare Delivery & Systems
  • Professional Education / Competence
  • Patient experience – informing quality and safety
  • Emotional Health and Wellbeing

Research grant income

  • Hughes (Dewhurst) L, Grandin, R, Cefai C, Cooper P, Askell-Williams H. (2012) “Positive Mental Health in Schools”. £23,400, 7th FWP Marie Curie IRSES.
  • Hughes (Dewhurst) L, (2010) “Innovation in Primary Care”. £44,550, National Health Service Strategic Health Authority, Yorkshire & Humber.
  • Hoffman S, Barr H, Gilbert J, Thistlethwaite J, Hughes (Dewhurst) L (2009) “Impact of IPE on Practice, Flexibility, Retention & Satisfaction within Workforce”. World Health Organisation.
  • Cooper P, Jacobs, Martin, Hughes (Dewhurst) L, (2009) “Collaborative review Supporting Children & Young People with SEBD in Ireland”. £25,000, European Commission.
  • Lucas J, Barton B, Bowles N, Hughes (Dewhurst) L, Gelsthorpe D. (2002), “Effectiveness of Mental Health Education and Training on Workforce Delivery”. £48,000, NHS Executive North West.
  • Husband C, Tory B, Hughes (Dewhurst) L. (2003), “Effectiveness of Educational Preparation of Trans-cultural Health Care Material for Clinical Practice”. £27,000, English National Board.
  • Hughes (Dewhurst) L. (1998), “Effectiveness of Problem-based Learning to Engage Students: comparative study University of Salford and University of Linkoping”. £5,000 Higher Education Funding Council.
  • Hughes (Dewhurst) L (1997) “Developing Instrument to Measure Effectiveness of Interprofessional Education on Teamwork” £3,000, British Council, UK.
  • Hughes (Dewhurst) L (1996), “Effectiveness of Problem-based Curriculum for promoting cross discipline dialogue and role understanding” £3,000,  The Higher Education Funding Council for England (TQIS).

Recent publications (last five years)

  • Dewhurst (Hughes), L A (2016). Improving Mental Health Services for Children and Young People: Stakeholders experience.  Journal of Mental Health (Forthcoming)
  • Hughes (Dewhurst), L. A. (2014). Qualitative Evaluation of general practices developing training for a range of health disciplines, Education for Primary Care, No 1, 25, p43-51.
  • Hughes, (Dewhurst) L. A. & Forman, D. (2014). The application of systems, communities of practice and activity theory to the context of mental health services. International Journal of Professional Management, Volume 9, Issue 1, 2014, ISSN 20422341.
  • Hughes, (Dewhurst) L. A. (2012) Children with social and emotional difficulties need support from a range of disciplines: Preparing professions for integrated working, The International Journal of Emotional Education, Vol. 4. No. 2, p55-65.
  • L A Hughes (Dewhurst) (2011) Evaluation of 1st year of a five year pilot project ‘Advanced Training Practice in Primary Care’ Report submitted to the Yorkshire and Humber Strategic Health Authority: Leeds, Yorkshire.

Books / chapters (last five years)

  • Hughes,(Dewhurst) L A (2016) Comparative models of children’s mental health services: the perspectives of the stakeholders, in Cefai (Eds) Mental health promotion in schools: Cross cultural narratives and perspectives. (Emerald Publication, Feb 2016.)
  • Hughes, (Dewhurst) L. A (2011) Integrated services requires collaborative working across professional and organizational boundaries, in Shute (Eds) International perspectives on mental health and well being in education, Shannon Research Press, Australia
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Conference presentations (last five years)

  • Dewhurst (Hughes) L A, Sheard L, Lawton R, & Pinkey L, (2016) Does resilience support positive deviance within healthcare? Well Med 2nd International Meeting on Well-Being and Performance in Clinical Practice18th – 22nd May 2016 Chalkidiki, Greece
  • Sheard L and Dewhurst L A (2016) How is excellence achieved in healthcare and what can be learned from this? A positive deviance approach’ The Health Services Research UK (HSRUK) Symposium 13-14th July 2016.
  • Hughes, (Dewhurst) L A (2013) How organisations are responding to policy directives in the promotion of mental health for children and young people: findings from a collaborative study in the Uk and Australia. 4th European Network for Social and Emotional Competence in Children Conference, Social and Emotional Competence in a Changing World’, 29th 3rd to 7th July 2013, University of Zagreb, Croatia.
  • Hughes, (Dewhurst), L A (2011) Interprofessional Education: Preparing professions to support children with SEBD. 3rd European Network for Social and Emotional Competence in Children Conference, 29th June -3rd July 2011, University of Manchester, UK.