Marsh, Claire

Claire Marsh_1

Dr Claire Marsh has a PhD in action research as a strategy for organizational change in the NHS. She has a dual role within Bradford Institute for Health Research – working as Patient & Public Engagement Lead for the Yorkshire & Humber Improvement Academy, and Senior Research Fellow on YQSR projects related to patient involvement in safety and patient experience.

Claire’s key roles currently include:

  • Contributing co-design & PPI expertise to projects across the Improvement Academy and YQSR
  • Supporting a lay person advisory panel for the Improvement Academy and YQSR
  • Developing a lay person network for health service improvement across the Yorkshire & Humber region


  • PhD – MARSH, C (2011). Action research for sustainability in the UK National Health Service (NHS): linking theory and practice in organizational strategy for sustainable development. University of Leeds.


Book chapters

  • MARSH, C (2013). A sustainable development agenda for the UK National Health Service (NHS): An organizational learning model for defining and supporting goals. In Gislason, M. K. (Ed.) Ecological Health (Advances in Medical Sociology, Volume 15 pp.267-288). Bingley: Emerald Group Publishing Limited.
  • TILLEY, F., MARSH, C., MIDDLEMISS, L., & PARRISH, B. (2010). Critical and Reflective Thinking: the ability to reflect critically on sustainability challenges. Online chapter in: Stibbe, A. (ed) Handbook of Sustainability Literacy. University of Brighton.

Peer reviewed journal articles related to NHS organizational behaviour

  • BUCKLEY, H.; COCKS., K; LAWTON, R.; O’HARA, J.; SHEARD, L.; MARSH, C. et al. (2015) Outcomes to measure patient safety: the patient reporting and action for a safe environment (PRASE) trial. Trials. 16(Suppl 2):P52. DOI: 10.1186/1745-6215-16-S2-P52
  • TUDOR, T.L., C.L. MARSH (Nee NOONAN), S. BUTLER, J.A. VAN HORN, and L.E.T. JENKIN. (2008). Realising resource efficiency in the management of healthcare waste from the Cornwall National Health Service (NHS) in the UK. Waste Management. 28, pp. 1209-1218.
  • TUDOR , T.L., C. L. NOONAN, and L. E. T. JENKIN. (2004). Healthcare waste management: a case study from the National Health Service in Cornwall, UK. Waste Management. 25, pp. 606-615.

Recent conference proceedings

  • SHEARD, L & MARSH, C. (2014) How can we use qualitative data to make sense of what happens in a randomised controlled trial? BSA Applied Qualitative Health Research Special Interest Group Symposium, Wednesday 14 May, Newcastle University.
  • SHEARD, L. & MARSH, C. “I can’t do anything about that” – how does normative and structural legitimacy impact on how nursing staff act on patient feedback about quality and safety? BSA Medical Sociology Conference 11th September 2014, Aston University, Birmingham.