The YQSR group is a multidisciplinary team whose aim is to develop and evaluate innovative solutions to patient safety problems. The group also has expertise on how to speed up the translation of these ideas into practice ( A key to the success of the group has been the embedding of health research into NHS practice.

Gerry Armitage: Professor at the University of Bradford, Health Services Research
Ruth Baxter: Senior Research Fellow
Alison Blenkinsopp: Professor at the University of Bradford, Practice of Pharmacy
Carolyn Clover: BIHR Administrator
Lesley Dewhurst: Senior Research Fellow
Angela Grange: Lead Nurse for Research & Innovation
Natasha Hardicre: Research Fellow
Jane Heyhoe: Senior Research Fellow
Judith Johnson: Joint Lecturer at University of Leeds and BIHR
Ian Kellar: Lecturer at the University of Leeds
Rebecca Lawton: Professor at the University of Leeds
Gemma Louch: Research Fellow
Claire Marsh: Senior Research Fellow, Patient & Public Engagement Lead
Tom Mills: Research Fellow
Sally Moore: Research Nurse
Jenni Murray: Research Programme Manager
Jane O’Hara: Senior Research Fellow, Lecturer at the University of Leeds
Gail Opio-Te: Research Nurse
Rosemary Peacock: Senior Research Fellow
Caroline Reynolds: Research Practitioner
Rosie Shannon: Research Fellow
Laura Sheard: Senior Research Fellow
Ruth Simms-Ellis: Theme Manager
Ian Watt: Professor at the University of York
John Wright: Director of Bradford Institute for Health Research

PhD Students
Abigail Albutt
Luke Budworth
Louise Hall
Dharshana Jayewardene
Siobhan McHugh
Raabia Sattar
Liz Thorp

Honorary Staff
Reema Harrison: Honorary Research Fellow
Natalie Taylor: Honorary Research Fellow