Patient involvement in diagnosing cancer in primary care

Funded by: Research Capability Funding: Yorkshire and Humber Commissioning Support, and the National Institute for Health Research Collaboration for Leadership in Applied Health Research and Care Yorkshire and Humber (NIHR CLAHRC YH).
(July 2015 – March 2017)
Project Team: Jane Heyhoe, Caroline Reynolds, Gail Opio-Te, Ian Watt, Rebecca Lawton

There is growing interest in the role that patients may play in helping to achieve an earlier diagnosis of cancer. This work set out to understand how this could be achieved in primary care. We did this by:

  1. Reviewing the existing literature on current interventions for patient involvement in diagnosis in primary care.
  2. Interviewing patients and health professionals to assess the acceptability, feasibility, cost and burden of patient involvement in cancer diagnosis in primary care and to identify potential interventions to assist an earlier diagnosis of cancer.

Conference Presentation:
Heyhoe J, Reynolds C, Opio-Te G, Watt I, Lawton R. Patient involvement in diagnosing cancer earlier in primary care: potential strategies and key components. Science of Improvement Conference, Harrogate, UK, 2016

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