The Yorkshire Quality and Safety Patient Panel

The YQSR group fund and facilitate a generic patient panel to inform new research ideas across the research group, as well as providing support for researchers within current projects.

These patients and members of the public have volunteered to act as research advisors to the research team.  This panel helps to provide feedback from the public and patient perspective, on the design and the way we carry of our research. This is an extremely valuable element in the development of our research, and applying (or translating) our research findings into everyday clinical practice to improve patient care.

The Improvement Academy for Yorkshire and the Humber has close links with the Quality and Safety Research team so that the innovations it supports are informed by the latest research evidence.  This panel now also supports Quality Improvement staff who work for the Academy.

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The Key Aims :

  • To help develop research questions that are relevant and meaningful to patients and the NHS
  • To act as a resource for outside researchers that are affiliated to or working collaboratively with the YQSR group
  • To advise on research design, for example; exploring the best methods to access and engage patients and the public within patient safety research, signposting to specific patient/public groups and individuals who could be involved in research projects
  • To get involved with specific research projects where the opportunity arises, for example; collecting data or co-writing study information for a lay audience
  • To help identify ways to disseminate research findings with patients and the public as well as the NHS and wider health and social care sector

The terms of reference for our panel sets out the aims of the group and gives details about the membership, meetings and how we reimburse our panel members for their time. Click here for Terms of Reference.

We have also produced a number of guidance documents for our research and improvement staff to help them involve patients in all their projects. The documents include:

  • A step-by-step PPI planning template for improvement specialists & researchers’
  • ‘Working with the Quality and Safety Patient Panel’
  • ‘Budgeting and Reimbursement. Procedures and policy for research staff in YQSR’

These are available on the Websites and Information tab of Patient and Public Involvement, or by clicking here.

Meet Our Patient Panel


Our patient panel is a diverse group of individuals who have many links to other healthcare organisations, for example, members of patient engagement groups at GP surgeries, active members of HealthWatch in Bradford.  Each member has written a short biography to provide an idea of the range of interests this group holds and to demonstrate how our panel members have got involved in our research projects.

  • Ruby K. Bhatti (Co-Chair for the Quality & Safety Patient Panel)
    It was a pleasure for me to be invited to be part of the Panel for Quality and Safety for Patients. I was born and bred in Bradford and have used the Bradford hospital facilities on many occasions. Being part of this panel gives me the opportunity to be able to give something back to the NHS, which I feel so passionate about.

The purpose of this panel is to engage patients from a variety of backgrounds who are able to share their knowledge, awareness and experience of using Bradford & Airedale NHS Hospitals. The panel’s mission is to support the research department through various projects enabling their research to contribute to provide the best quality and safety to patients who use the facilities of Bradford & Airedale NHS Hospitals. The member’s views and feedback are considered at all stages of the research development process.

Recently, it was a pleasure for me to be invited to contribute to a project which involved me acting as a patient’s relative. This DVD would be the first point of contact for trainee nurses, nurses and junior Doctors demonstrating to them a good and bad scenario which related to a patient’s care in the hospital. The final DVD was to improve the quality and safety for patients.

Finally, I hope my contribution and involvement with the panel will enable the research department to continue with their wonderful work which will lead to contributing to excellent quality and safety healthcare for the Community of Bradford and West Yorkshire.

  • David Walker
    My name is David Walker. I have been involved with patient care and safety for several years, following my short service as an inaugural Governor of the Trust from 2004 to 2007. I relinquished that position as required by the regulations when I moved house from the district in which I served (North Bradford). As part of that role I became a regular volunteer in various areas of the hospitals, which then led me to my present interest in the Patient’s Quality and Safety Panel, and the exciting new developments in the Bradford Innovations Group.

This is a relatively new introduction which aims to encourage all staff to come forward with their ideas and suggestions for improving their own daily work and the safety and quality of patient care. No one person has a monopoly of good ideas, and it is the purpose of this group to foster active interest in, and very positive support for staff of any level to seek guidance and support in promoting their ideas.

I was a member of the Patient’s Panel in a previous GP practice where I lived at the time. I have been an in-patient on a couple of occasions, and I have lost three siblings to Alzheimer’s in recent years, all of which gives me an insight into the needs of patients who are ill at any stage of their life.

  • Lynn Asquith
    My name is Lynn Asquith and I have been a member of the Quality and Safety Patient Panel since 2008. I am a retired member of the NHS and live in Bingley.

My interest around improving patient quality and safety is owing to my experience of working in the NHS for over thirty-five years. I am Chair of my local G.P. patient group, a ‘Healthwatcher’ (member of the Care Quality Working Group) past Chairman of Airedale PCT PPI, past member of Bradford LINK, past member of HealthWatch Enter & View Panel.

I am also a Soroptimist and currently President of Soroptimist International of Bingley.  [Soroptimist is an international volunteer organization working to improve the lives of women and girls, in local communities and throughout the world].

I have always wanted to help researchers to shape their research ideas to help patients and public. I have taken part in several trials at Leeds & Bradford Universities. I have enjoyed my experience over the last few years in helping the research team to develop the patient panel’s role in the future.

  • Mohammed Junaid
    My name is Mohammed Junaid Ismail and I am currently working for the NHS and have worked in the NHS for over 10 years providing support to community health services. I have additionally substantial voluntary sector experience serving as a Board Member of Manningham Library Project Board for 3 years.

I am currently part of my GP surgery Patient Partnership Group and involved in community engagement. I help various elderly groups in sign posting and arranging health speakers to raise awareness in health i.e. HOPES elderly group. I have worked in partnership with the cultural diversity officer at Yorkshire CCC in providing community cohesion in Bradford. I am Assistant Secretary of KMCT cricket UK national cricket tournament and am responsible with the committee to host the 2014 tournament. I also provide a dual role as I am the secretary for my cricket team which includes organising training, facilitating meetings. I was on the management committee of Friends of Lister Park group. I have learnt to read the holy Quran by heart and have obtained my qualification from Jamia Khatumun Nabiyin Institute, Bradford.

  • Hoshiar Singh
    Hello, my name is Hoshiar Singh.  I have been living and working in Bradford for over 55 years.  I retired as an Environmental Health Officer after 26 years of service with Bradford District Metropolitan Council. Most of my work was in the field of Health and Safety, food safety and Environmental Safety.  I am presently working part time as a Sikh Chaplain and a Sessional Interpreter for Bradford Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust. I also presently provide training in Health and Safety and food hygiene.

I and my wife have been using the services of Bradford Hospitals for many years. I am also a carer for my wife who has a long term chronic health condition.

I am a past member of the Patient and Public Involvement Forum (as chair for the Bradford City ward), which engaged patients and the public involvement in the improvement of the services provided by the NHS trust. I have also been an active member of Care Quality and Accounts Working Group, Infection Control group and the Enter and View Panel with Bradford LINK.

I joined the Quality and Safety Research Panel when it was first set up because I have always been keen on improving the quality and safety for all at a local and national level.  I have contributed to many research projects including the production of a DVD which is being used for training medical staff.  As a member of a minority group I am able use my work and community experiences.  I am also able to contribute on the implications in terms of equality and communications for the community and the NHS.

  • Richard Brown
    My name is Richard Brown and I have been a member of the Patients Quality and Safety Panel for some years.  I am also vice-chair of my local practice PPG and a member of a diabetes patient and public involvement group (PPI).

I have been a patient in hospital on a number of occasions and I consider that my experiences give me an insight into the safety aspects of the health service.   I am involved in research into safety “Huddles” on various wards, where all staff get together to consider any areas that may adversely patient safety.

I work with various other groups mainly concerned with diabetes, being a committee member of the Bradford Diabetes UK group.  I am the expert patient and diabetes UK representative on the Bradford Diabetes Prevention and Service Transformation group which is working to ensure that the provision of diabetes services across both the Bradford City and the Bradford District CCG achieves the best outcomes for both patients and the NHS.

  • Jean Gallagher
    Jean Gallagher is a founding member and chair of the Bradford University Service User & Carer Group (Health Faculty), member of a National Cancer Research Institute Studies group, Yorkshire Cancer Research PPI group, and Yorkshire & Humber Senate

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