Partners At Care Transitions (PACT) Patient Panel

Patients At Care Transitions (PACT) Patient Panel
This new research programme aims to improve the safety and experience of care for older patients as they move from hospital to home.  Patients now spend less time in hospital than they did 10 years ago. This can be better for people who want to be at home and for hospitals who can treat more patients.  However, patients may also leave hospital with ongoing treatment needs and we call this the ‘transition’ period.  For some older people this may be a risky time and as a result end up being re-admitted to hospital.

What are we doing to address this problem?
We will work with staff and patients (and their carers) to develop and test a new approach to transitions.  Through this we hope to improve patient experience, safety and quality of life, and also reduce readmissions and NHS costs.  The programme of research involves 6 packages of work (WP) and are described below.  This programme will run for 5 years, from January 2017 to July 2022.

  • WP1 – Speaking to and observing older patients at various times as they move from hospital to home, finding out about their experience of care.
  • WP2 – Using existing data to identify wards and community teams who have low levels of readmissions and find out how they do this
  • WP3 – Developing a tool (like a questionnaire) that can measure of the quality of transitions which will be tested in WP5 and used in a large trial in WP6.
  • WP4 – Developing a new approach called Partners At Care Transitions (PACT) to encourage involvement of older people and their families in care. We will explore the acceptability of this approach to staff and patients.
  • WP5 – Testing the feasibility of the new PACT approach in practice.  This is about whether it can be delivered in care and how well it is delivered.
  • WP6 – Assessing how well the PACT approach works. To do this we will compare the readmissions on wards where the PACT approach is delivered with wards where usual care is provided.

PACT and Patient and Public Involvement
We have been working with a diverse range of local community groups in Bradford and exploring the issues older adults and families face when being discharged from hospital.  As a result we have created a new patient panel for this research programme and will be meeting for the first time in April, 2017.

The purpose of this panel is to support and advise the research team by providing an informed patients’ perspective.  The types of activities that the panel will be able to help the team with are, for example;

  • Advising on research design, for example; exploring the best methods to access and engage patients and the public, signposting to specific patient/public groups and individuals who could be involved in the programme
  • Getting involved with specific work packages, for example; co-writing study information for a lay audience
  • Helping to identify ways to share research findings with patients and the public, as well as, the NHS, wider health and social care sectors and the research community

We will also be sharing information about the Patient and Public Involvement (PPI) activities and outputs from the programme.

If you would like any further information about the Patients At Care Transitions research programme, please contact us:

Jenni Murray, Tel: 01274 383427 Email:
Liz Thorp, Tel:  01274 38 3945 Email: