Our Vision

We are committed to active and meaningful patient and public involvement when developing, carrying out and sharing the results of research projects to improve the quality and safety of care for patients, carers and their families.
What do we mean by quality and safety research?
High quality care is about providing a safe, effective and good experience of care.  Patient safety is about avoiding and preventing harm to patients while receiving care.  Much of patient safety research is about developing and testing ways to improve care patients receive and working directly with doctors, nurses and other healthcare professionals and managers.Our research is all about trying to make care safer and better for patients and staff in the NHS and we believe that involving patients, carers and their families in their care is an essential part of creating a safer NHS.
How do we involve patients, carers and the public in our research?
Over the past nine years, the Yorkshire Quality & Safety Research (YQSR) group have gained invaluable experience and expertise in engaging patients and the public as partners in the research process.This started with setting up a patients panel for a large research project in 2007.  However, as we had such a positive response from members of the public, we also created a patients panel to support the research team with ongoing and new research projects.We involve patients and the public at different points of the research cycle.This process includes – developing research ideas – designing research studies – collecting data – discussing the findings from the projects – sharing the research findings – putting them into practice.The diagram below shows the points where patient and public involvement has helped to shape the research that we do.


Below are some examples of how we have involved patients and the public in our research:

  • Situational Awareness Vital Insights (SAVI) DVD: This tool was created to raise awareness about common high risk situations for new staff in hospitals and community settings.  We created four short films with members of our patient panel playing the role of patients.
  • Information Leaflets: Patient representatives from one of our large research projects helped to develop and write an information leaflet as part of the activities to share our findings with patients and the public. The PRASE leaflet can be viewed here.
  • Conferences: We have funded members of our panel to attend INVOLVE conferences.
  • Reviewing summaries: Reviewing lay summaries for research bids.
  • Supporting Research PhD students: Helping develop PhD student’s research ideas and research plans.
  • The Science of Improvement Conference, Harrogate, November 2016: The panel and supporting research staff successfully ran a workshop session: The Patient will see you now. This was a novel approach which allowed academics, researchers and healthcare professionals the opportunity to ask questions about patient and public involvement in an effort to share our learning, experience and expertise.

Patient and Public involvement and specific YQSR research projects

  • HS&DR research project – Co-designing a Patient Experience Feedback Toolkit:
    Hospital staff receive many types of feedback from patients about their care (e.g. surveys, websites, complaints & compliments) but they do not always know how best to use this feedback to improve the services they provide.  6 members of the public are working with staff at 3 hospitals (Bradford, Leeds and Harrogate) to co-design some ways to use feedback effectively.  This Autumn (2016), they will attend 3 workshops with staff and researchers to produce a Patient Experience Feedback Toolkit and through 2017; they will help staff on their wards to use this.