Naveed Riaz

Lay Leader


Naveed has over 15 years of experience and expertise in the day-to-day organisational operation and financial management of a private health care company.

Naveed has a Post Graduate Certificate in Political Violence and Terrorism from the University of Bradford; Peace Studies Department, and is currently studying Law at the University of Sheffield hoping to qualify as a lawyer in the near future.

Naveed has served as a Trust governor for Bolton NHS Foundation and Bradford District Care Trust. Naveed was born and raised in Bradford, and serves as a Councillor with Bradford Metropolitan District Council. Naveed deeply believes that making an active contribution to public life is one of the highest virtues. He has always sought opportunities to work within the community in a voluntary capacity. He strongly believes that a good life requires active public engagement, and being able to place societal and community needs above personal interest. Naveed is highly committed to excellence in terms of quality of care, and motivated by a passion to improve NHS services and performance.