Naeem Sheikh

Lay Leader


I studied at the University of Leeds and received an MBA. I have been a resident of Bradford for 35 years, married with three children who were all born and brought up in Bradford. I possess extensive experience across private, public and the voluntary and community sectors for over 36 years. I have served in leadership management roles; spending ten years as Chief Executive of Council for voluntary and community sector in the Borough of Haringey, London, and regional level in East Midlands and Nottingham. I enjoy working with community groups and public-sector organisations. Contributing to the City Region, I worked for Leeds City Council and contributed to a local community enterprise. Most recently I worked for an HE College in Nottingham delivering a Compliance and Development portfolio. Since 2015, I have carried out a range of volunteering opportunities for Bradford Hospitals Charity and Bradford Royal Infirmary on various strategic projects. I am passionate to serve and make a difference to the local communities’ health and well-being. I believe my experiences and skills greatly contribute to the research project themes making healthcare safer across Yorkshire and Humber.