Science of Improvement Conference 2016, Harrogate, UK. A personal perspective from YQSR patient panel

My ‘thought for the day’ – David Walker

After a slightly hairy journey to the event it was nice to receive an efficient welcome at the Reception desk.  There seemed to be a good attendance which usually offers a promise of an interesting day.  The initial duty for our little team was the scrutiny of the Poster Competition which we all enjoyed.  There were so many outstanding entries that it proved to be very difficult to select the winners out of the short list of six. The few minutes spent in chatting to the competitors proved to be invaluable, and the three of us marked everything independently, which is why when our separate scores were totted up one of the entries was successful with both of her entries – Dr Anna Westwood winning the First and Third prizes.

Our main focus was of course on the new breakout session offering of “The Patient Will See You Now”, a kind of slant on the BBCs Question Time. Four of us formed the panel with about a dozen or so inquisitors. Our audience comprised of researchers and other interested NHS staff.  It was an open forum in which the patient panel answered questions around how, why, and where we support the Patient and Public Initiative, what we bring to the process and what we take away from it.  As a first time event of its type we felt it was very successful and would be happy to repeat the event another time.  All in all, it was a highly successful and interesting day!

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