Dr Binish Khatoon

Research Fellow

Email: binish.khatoon@bthft.nhs.uk

Binish graduated from the University of Salford with a BSc in Human Biology and Infectious Diseases in 2010 and an MSc in Health and Nutrition in 2011. In 2015, Binish was awarded her PhD in Electronic learning and Dentistry at the University of Birmingham. In March 2015, Binish took a post at the Jubilee Centre for Character and Virtues working as a research fellow designing and developing online courses for teacher, doctors and lawyers, which focused on enhancing virtue knowledge, understanding and reasoning. In April 2018, Binish joined the YQSR Group working as a Research Fellow on the Digital Innovations theme within the NIHR Yorkshire and Humber Patient Safety Translational Research Centre. Throughout these studies Binish has gained invaluable exposure to the academic environment and developed vast expertise in qualitative and quantitative research. She has been a corresponding author on a number of published articles.

Research interests
Binish’s broad research interests include digital innovations and patient safety and Electronic/mobile learning and dental/medical education. More specifically, Binish has an interest in the safe use of electronic/ mobile learning tools and digital technologies by healthcare students, educators, practitioners, patients and in healthcare innovations.

Recent Publications

Khatoon, B., Hill, K.B. and Walmsley, A.D. (2015) Instant Messaging in Dental Education. Journal of Dental Education, 79(12), pp.1471-1478.

Khatoon, B., Hill, K. B., & Walmsley, A. D. (2014). Dental students’ uptake of mobile technologies. British dental journal, 216 (12), 669-673.

Khatoon, B., Hill, K. B., & Walmsley, A. D. (2013). Can we learn, teach and practise dentistry anywhere, anytime?. British dental journal, 215 (7), 345-347.

Khatoon, B., Hill, K. B., & Walmsley, A. D. (2014). The dos and don’ts of social networking in dentistry. Dent Update, 41(8): 690-696

Mobile learning and Dentistry, Khatoon B., Walmsley A., Hill K.B . Journal of Dental Research, Vol 93, (B): 187459 , (2014).

Harrison, T. and Khatoon, B. (2017). Virtue, Practical Wisdom & Professional Education: Research Report, Birmingham: University of Birmingham, Jubilee Centre for Character and Virtues [Online], Available at: https://www.jubileecentre.ac.uk/1585/projects/current-projects/interventions-in-the-professions